The Missouri House Rabbit Society
October Happenings

Click the link in red to see humans in costume. The first six photos feature my fun-loving friend Linda Mossberg in her costumes. You can click off the music.
Did You Know

Rabbits can run as fast as 35 mph - faster than a cat!

There are more than 49 breeds of domestic rabbits recognized in the United States and
all are descended from European wild rabbits.

Our wild cottontail rabbits cannot breed and produce live offspring with domestic rabbits.
Holiday Animal Boutique at The Bunny House
 Sunday, November 13, 11am to 4pm

Wow! Your opportunity to get family photos with Santa and his real reindeer!
Bring your bunny for a health exam with Dr. Linda Beisswenger!
Bring bunny to the Bunny Spa!

Can you help set up the Boutique on Saturday, Nov. 12 or Sunday before the boutique opens at 11am?
Can you help during the boutique? Would you be able to bring a plate of cookies; we will offer refreshments.
To volunteer, contact Joy:   Type Boutique Help as your subject. Thank you!
The Bunny House will be closed on Halloween.

Regular Hours of The Bunny House

 Monday - Friday: 7pm (that is 7pm) to 9pm
 Saturday: 9am to 4pm
Sunday: 1-4pm

The address is 75 Elizabeth, Fenton, MO 63026.
You must be a member to buy supplies and you can become a member when you visit.
Membership is a condition of our permit. Even foster parents must be members.
Boarding Bunnies at The Bunny House

We have limited space for holiday boarding so please make your requests as soon as possible.
Send a message to Joy: and a copy to Pat Daly:
 Type Boarder as your subject.

  We charge $12/day for a single and $14/day for a pair or trio.

Shelter Cleaning Day Saturday, Nov. 5 (next Saturday)

Please tell Bobbie Shewmaker you can join us for this big event:

We will meet at The Bunny House at 9am Saturday and work till 5pm. Come for part of the day or all day. We need male strength for the heavy lifting so please bring the young guys in your family. There will be lots of tasks for women too. We will provide lunch and beverages.

Important note to Friday-Saturday cleaners: You will not be cleaning cages on Friday, only feeding. But we need you to join us for Saturday's shelter cleaning. Please confirm with Bobbie that you will come Saturday. We can't knock out shelter cleaning without you!


Illinois Bunny Meeting: No meeting in November. We will meet in December at 7pm Thursday, Dec. 15  in the Caseyville Township Building, 10001 Bunkum Road, Fairview Heights.

STL Bunny Meeting: No meetings in November or December. We will meet at 7:30pm Tuesday, Jan. 17 at the Humane Society of Missouri, 1201 Macklind Ave., one stoplight west of the St. Louis Science Center.

Scooter, the Bunny Editor
A reader asks Scooter:  "If there anything I should be doing to help my bunny keep his ears clean?"

Scooter: If your bunny doesn't have any mobility problems, he is able to flick wax out of his ear with a back toenail. It's one of the nifty things we are able to do and we keep our ear canals very clean. But if your bunny is compromised because of arthritis, head tilt or amputation, you will have to clean your bunny's ears for him. Clean ears are important because a buildup of earwax and debris can become a breeding ground for infection.

This is the tool we sold in our shelter store: E-Z Ear Wax Remover by a company called Safe. It's about the same size as a thermometer with a tip that ends in a tiny scoop. The tool is lighted. You switch on the light and gently scoop out the wax you can see.

We get ear infections and mites sometimes and you won't even know we have it even though we are feeling pain. You may notice your bunny shaking his ears or pawing at them. But here is an easy trick to do periodically: Use your little finger and stick it gently into the ear canal. If bunny is just mildly annoyed, then the ears are fine. If he reacts strongly, get him to your vet pronto.

Get your 2017 Calendars Before We Sell Out!

I always buy a couple of extras so I have something to give a friend or neighbor who presents me an unexpected Christmas gift. Our calendar is unique, beautiful, inexpensive and functional - the perfect gift!

Buy them and have them mailed to you by clicking and purchasing here:
Bunny Shop

Buy them in person for $12 at our shelter and the businesses below:

Arch Animal Hospital, The Shoppes at 7 Oaks,
2951 Dougherty Ferry Rd., Valley Park, MO
Butterly & Moon, 814 S. Main St., St. Charles, MO
Creve Coeur Animal Hospital, 12550 Olive Blvd.,
Creve Coeur
El Mel, 2139 1st Capitol Dr., St. Charles, MO
Henry's Rabbit Ranch, 1107 Historic Old Rte 66,
Staunton, IL
Hope Animal Hospital, 300 Biltmore, #130, Fenton, MO
O.K. Hatchery, 115 E. Argonne Dr., Kirkwood, MO
The White Rabbit, 9030 Manchester Rd., St. Louis, MO
Westwood Automotive, 13458 Big Bend, Kirkwood, MO

Non-profit organizations: Contact Susan to sell calendars as a fundraiser for your group!

  Madeleine – A Tribute from Joy

Many of you knew Madeleine. She was the black and white Dutch bunny who was my education partner for several years.  You may have seen her in the basement of my home in the spot I used for orientations. If you adopted within the last three years, you would have seen her in our education area behind our store supplies. 

Madeleine came from St. Louis County Animal Control where she was dumped because her owners said she was aggressive.  She made it pretty clear after I picked her up from there that she was just fine staying with us and not at all interested in a different home. As far as she was concerned, she WAS home. 

It didn’t take her long to learn my orientation routine. She would frequently drink from her bowl, eat pellets, use her litter box, etc., as I talked to people. She would often hide in her cardboard box (demonstrating that bunnies need a place to feel safe,) until I opened the door to her house and tapped the floor. Out she raced ready to “do her thing.”  Her “thing” was to help me show people how to pet bunnies the right way, pick them up appropriately, hold them in various safe positions, and put them down safely.  Madeleine hated being picked up, but she loved her papaya treat and as soon as she was placed back down she immediately turned to demand her treat. Of course, she got it. She earned it.

A couple of weeks ago she was feeling under the weather so she went in for a health exam which showed serious renal problems.  She was getting fluids, but, ultimately, it wasn’t enough to help her kidneys function. When it became obvious it was her time, we helped her peacefully cross the Rainbow Bridge. We will miss you Madeleine. You helped many people learn more about bunnies.

Joseph Frimel's Eagle Scout project creates a walking trail for us.

Joseph Frimel, 17, directs scouts as they construct a long walking trail this month in Elaine's Garden (our back property.)  Joseph also designed and built two benches for the trail. He is a student at Lafayette High School and the son of
Dave and Connie Frimel, our members who live in Wildwood.

The area is growing more beautiful thanks to projects like Joseph's and the ones headed by Nancy Newcomer.

There are cottontail hideaways (safety spots in open areas for the cottontails), a blackberry patch, native trees planted,
and grass and clover sown. We have nature circles that are lovely in the spring and summer with native flowers and plants.  The deer and cottontails seem to appreciate them, too. Can you spot the cottontail in the photo with the deer?

"Pay Down Our Mortgage" Fundraisers

Ohio Bunfest Sept. 17: Our chapter received $4,400, which included $2,930 from the handmade wooden toys and bunny benches made by Maggie Perez and Rennie Bodien and the rest from our other products. It was Maggie's third appearance as a vendor at Bunfest in Columbus, Ohio. Maggie and Rennie buy the wood and saw, sand and dye it, assemble the toys, sell them and donate all the money to our chapter!

Bingo, Oct. 22: Our net was $5,500, more than we ever anticipated from a first-time event. Thank you for supporting and participating. We are grateful to the bingo committee for donating and preparing all the food; to Valerie Maule for soliciting numerous gift certificates for the raffle; to Donna Hobart for being a mega-donator of items for the raffle; to Hope Animal Hospital for donating $200 in gift cards; to Dierberg's for donating soda; and Rockwood Bank for donating water. Did you leave behind a black jacket with neon green and pink panels? Did you leave behind a water bottle with a pink cap? Contact Pat Daly:

Bingo Photos: First Row
Bunfest Photos: Second Row
Happenings Author: Pat Daly, volunteer and educator
Send comments, questions or items you want to contribute, to me: