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Sunday, June 5
Bunny Expo
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Sunday, June 5  •  11am to 4pm  •  in the Humane Society, St. Louis, 1201 Macklind Ave.

Our big annual event with FREE Nail Trims for all bunnies  •  Health Exams $50 by Dr. Linda Beisswenger of Hope Animal Hospital, starting at noon  •  Photos of bunnies and their humans •  
FREE Education
about bunnies and Hands-On Training on picking up bunny and developing your relationship with bunny  •  Hay, Pellets, Treats, Litter  •  Your favorite Bunny Toys from The Busy Bunny, Oxbow, and Leith Petwerks • Things for bunny parents too!  Free Admission. Free parking.

May Happenings

Arabella completes her journey to the family of her dreams.
In a past issue, I wrote about Arabella, the magnificent Belgian Hare who had been abandoned outdoors, made her way to a house in Villa Ridge, hopped to the front door, "knocked" by making a commotion, entered when the door opened and relaxed for a spell while the homeowner called us and Chapter Manager Joy Gioia arrived to drive Arabella to The Bunny House.

Now, Mary Rotter tells how Arabella made the final leg of her journey to the Rotter-Haake home:

 "I had met Arabella only once, while I was at the shelter one evening in September. But, she made such a strong impression that when Joy asked for volunteers to foster over the December holidays, I knew exactly which bunny I was interested in fostering.  While I was picking her up from the shelter, my husband Josh Haake was at home making sure he had everything set up in advance of our arrival.  No sooner had I let her out the carrier, Arabella scanned her new surroundings and then immediately hopped into Josh’s lap. His first words: 'She’s staying! She’s found a home!'

"In the following days, we quickly learned that Arabella could climb out of an x-pen in seconds, had a voracious appetite, and would do just about anything for a papaya treat. Because of her breed, a Belgian Hare, she is full of energy so we give her plenty of room to run and plenty of toys to keep her entertained. She has a special chair that we call her “throne” because she will sit in it and wait until we bring her salad - just like a queen. (third photo)

"She's a 'Daddy's girl' and follows Josh around wherever he goes (observe her devotion to him in the first photo.) We finalized the adoption papers in January and re-named her Ilsa.

"Ilsa enjoyed being a Bunny Ambassador at a few of the Easter Outreach events this year and likes to attend the monthly meetings in St. Louis. (middle photo) In addition to spending time with our other bunny, Bollo, a Black Satin that we adopted in September 2013, Ilsa enjoys a freshly-stocked hay rack, romaine lettuce, and getting lots of love and affection. She has been such a wonderful addition to our family and we are so grateful to Joy for the fostering experience!"

Ilsa and Bollo

LollyAnn is quite the diva!

LollyAnn is a constant source of entertainment for momma Stacy Rolfe who gets a kick watching LollyAnn toss momma's glasses on her head. Click the video icon to watch.

667.0 KB
  Another Remarkable Bunny - And Available For Adoption!
                 Crosswind at 7 weeks old on March 8                        Crosswind at 16 weeks old on May 10

Crosswind, aptly named because both ears flop to the same side, is fast becoming a favorite at The Bunny House.
Pass his crate and this English Lop will dash to the door and beg for pets. He has been neutered and health-checked and is ready to be adopted by a special person who will give this energetic boy the freedom to run and loads of attention because Crosswind will play, just like a dog. You can visit Crosswind when The Bunny House is open or, even better, contact Bobbie Shewmaker and she will assign a volunteer to make the introduction:

Hours of The Bunny House
Monday - Friday: 7pm (that is 7pm) to 9pm
Saturday: 9am to 4pm
Sunday: 1-4pm
Have you used the coupons in your calendar?

 I used the 15% coupon at to buy apple and and pear slice treats
and all my bunnies thought they were heavenly. The slices are dry but chewy, with no dyes, no additives.

             You have coupons for a free pedicure for any pet at Hope Animal Hospital, 636-349-0049
 • $10 off at
15% off at
$2 off ZuPreem rabbit pellets
  • 50% off frappe at Nadoz Cafe in St. Louis

My Buddy, In Sickness and In Health

Spencer, 7, is comforted by his adopted bunny, Aspen. "Spencer was not feeling well and Aspen kept jumping on the bed to see him," said mother Valerie Maule, who volunteers at The Bunny House.
"Spencer started to pet Aspen and he stayed with Spencer for a long time."

May Meetings and Events

Tuesday, May 17, 7:30pm - St. Louis Meeting: Everyone is welcome at our meeting at the Humane Society, 1201 Macklind Ave., near the Science Center. Bring your bunny because Joy Gioia and Rennie Bodien will be doing free body checks. They will assess the weight of your bunny and examine for anything unusual. Nail trims will be provided and hay, pellets and other supplies will be available for purchase. Bring a towel so bunny can relax on your table and a bit of hay or greens for a bunny snack.

No Illinois Meeting this month. Our next meeting is 7pm Thursday, June 16 in the Caseyville Township Building, 10001 Bunkum Road, Fairview Heights.

Sunday, May 22, 1-4pm - Toy-Making: Lorena Werkmeister invites you to make bunny toys at The Bunny House. You don't need to bring anything. Just come and enjoy. Contact Lorena:


Volunteers Needed At The Bunny House, and desperately this weekend
(Friday, May 13 and Saturday, May 14) and also Friday, May 20 and Saturday, May 21.
Regulars will be absent and we need temporary replacements. Tell Pat Daly when you can come: or 618-632-2940 or 618-920-0705.

Do You Have Accounting or Bookkeeping Knowledge and know Excel? Susan Ruby is one of our accountants and would very much appreciate a little help. Please contact Susan at

Are You In The Asphalt Paving Business?
Our parking lot needs repair and we need a quote. Contact Pat Daly:

Volunteers Needed For Bunny Expo:
• Will you help us set up the Expo at 2pm Saturday, June 4 at the Humane Society? We will finish the job by 5pm. We desperately need some man-power but we need ladies too!

  Will you work the Expo on Sunday, June 5?  You can choose your hours between 11am and 4pm, or stay the entire day. We need people for quiet assignments and interactive exhibits.

  Will you help at 3:45 Sunday to pack up the Expo?

Please tell Bobbie Shewmaker what you can do and give her your cell number so she can reach you: or 618-604-3063.

Something New At The Bunny House!

To become a Bunny Care Sponsor, send a message to Rennie Bodien: 
Rennie will contact you for the wording on your plaque and your credit card number.
We will also take your sponsorship at The Bunny House and the June 5 Bunny Expo.

Scooter, the Bunny Editor

A reader asks Scooter:  "The pet stores sell salt blocks for bunnies. Does my bunny need one?"

Scooter:  "Salt blocks are not necessary. If you give your bunny hay, greens and quality pellets, he doesn't need supplements of any kind, including vitamins. Of course, you know not to buy the bags of "gourmet" pellets that have seeds, nuts, corn and colored bits in them. That is junk food. Your bunny needs a plain pellet like Oxbow Essentials, which stores carry, or Kaytee Timothy Complete (also in stores), ZuPreem, American Pet Diner, Small Pet Select and Purina Mazuri. And, on the subject of junk food, don't buy any treats sold in stores. They have too much sugar and no nutrition. We rabbits want to be healthy and love you for a long, long time.

"At The Bunny House, our young rabbits are fed Joy's Mix, our own pellet combo. But when you adopt them and they age, they have been known to develop 'goopy poop' and you should consider a gradual transition to a leaner pellet like the brands I suggested above."
Fundraisers Were A Great Success

Our second-annual 5K produced a profit of about $2,300. It was a beautiful day to run and walk in the park and we thank you for participating and sponsoring. We are especially grateful to Megan Goss for organizing it and Allison Harris for helping to recruit sponsors. Would you enjoy helping plan next year's race? Planning starts early so let us know now. Contact Joy Gioia:

Give STL Day: Our donation total was about $1,565. It should have been a simple matter to donate but when the donation website crashed, it took perseverance to donate to us. Thank you for persevering!

Can you temporarily house a rescue to open a spot at The Bunny House for a boarder?

Boarding requests are pouring in for the Memorial Day weekend and through the summer and we want to accommodate everyone who wants to board their bunny with us. But we often need to place a bunny in a member's home to open a spot for a boarder. If you can provide temporarily housing, send a message to Joy:  Type FOSTER as your subject. As a foster parent, you get our best discount on supplies and we cover the foster bunny's veterinary expenses.

If you want to board with us, it is wise to make your request early by sending Joy a message and a copy to Pat Daly:  We charge $12/day for a single and $14/day for a pair or trio.

Happenings Author: Pat Daly, volunteer and educator
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