The Missouri House Rabbit Society
March Happenings

"Hmmm, this is tasty!" This seven-week-old English Lop is experiencing his first hours in the safety of our shelter after a Caseyville homeowner rescued him from the streets. He wasn't shy about sharing the salad, sans dressing, of Tuesday night volunteer Vickie Loveall. Notice his long ear. Both ears flop to his right side, and will remain so, so we named him Crosswind. When he is old enough, he will be neutered and offered for adoption.

They do the darnedest things! Volunteer Beth Doerr put this little guy out for floor exercise while she cleaned cages and she covered the commode with the trash can for safety's sake. "I guess he wanted a little cave," Beth concluded.

Oh, Baby!  We have 31 babies in our shelter, ranging in age from two weeks to 13 weeks. This situation was created by neglectful humans who did not fix their rabbits, allowed the females to become pregnant, then brought them to us because we were the only resource. We will spend $3,100 for their spays and neuters, then pray that we find a good home for every one of these little cuties. Here are photos:


Please share this video with every person you know who is thinking of getting a bunny.
It delivers serious facts with humor. It might prevent an impulsive purchase. It might prevent a rabbit purchased, then dumped a few weeks later when the novelty has worn off.

Even bunny parents with years of experience can be thrown into a tizzy.  Bobbie Shewmaker, a member since 2004, walked into Sasha's room and was shocked to see pools of blood on the floor. There was no blood on Sasha, no wounds, so where had the blood come from? Was it bloody urine?  Bobbie called Hope Animal Hospital for an emergency appointment and headed there. Dr. Linda Beisswenger examined and concluded that Sasha had merely ripped a nail - to Bobbie's relief.

If you see your bunny bleeding from a ripped nail, you can stop the bleeding by packing cornstarch on the nail bed. Just grab cornstarch from your pantry or grab the Bunny Emergency Kit that you bought from us and use the container of pure-cornstarch baby powder (no talc.)

We sell Bunny Emergency Kits in our shelter store for $23. The kits contain what you must have to stabilize your bunny when he won't accept pellets or treat. A bunny that refuses food is a bunny in crisis and death can result within 12 hours if you don't act.

The kit contains our most important document: "A Bunny That Refuses Food Is A Bunny In Crisis."

Ask Pat Daly to send you a copy:  Type Emergency Instructions as your subject.

Register by April 11
to be guaranteed a 5K T-shirt
. Run or stroll, but join us Sunday, May 1 in Eureka, Mo. Click here to register or download the Its Your Race Apple or Android app and search for "Tortoise & Hare 5k Run/Walk"

         Joanne Hohlman crosses the finish line last year

A Tip About Seagrass Mats:
Some of you have told me that your bunnies ignore the seagrass mats that we sell as chew toys. I discovered that my bunnies are more interested when I place the mat in their cardboard box. Then, they get busy shredding and chewing.

Have you used the coupons in your calendar?
Hurry! The Leith Petwerks coupon for a free toy expires March 31.
The Busy Bunny $5 coupon expires April 1.

 I just used the Busy Bunny coupon for Hibiscus Crunch and three varieties of Garden Treats.
You also have coupons for ZuPreem, Leith Petwerks, Nadoz Cafe, Hope Animal Hospital,
Farmer Dave Pet Supply, American Pet Diner and Small Pet Select.


Save These Dates

MO HRS Soccer Night in Fenton:  Saturday, April 16, 7:30pm, in Fenton (see flyer below)

5K Run/Walk
Sunday, May 1 in Eureka. Race starts at 9am.

Bunny Expo: Sunday, June 5, 11am - 4pm. Humane Society on Macklind in St. Louis. This is our biggest event of the year! You will have the opportunity to learn basic bunny care from a teacher assigned personally to you. We will teach you how to pick up your bunny, how to develop a hands-on relationship with him and how to brush him. We will sell all the supplies a bunny needs, safe toys you don't see in stores, and items you haven't seen before. Bring your bunny for a free nail trim in the Bunny Spa.

3rd Anniversary Celebration of The Bunny House and Bingo
:  Saturday, October 22.
Doors open at 5, Bingo at 6. We will hold this event at the Humane Society on Macklind Avenue in St. Louis.

   Purchase soccer tickets at the Bunny House or buy them online with PayPal at
If you buy them online, we will mail your tickets. Our chapter will receive money
 from ticket purchases and the entire 50/50 raffle.
Congratulations, Cheryl:  Cheryl Mill, our treasurer, has been promoted to Controller of the Missouri Botanical Garden, from Assistant Controller. For 17 years, Cheryl has volunteered as treasurer to our chapter. Without her, it is unlikely that we would have been able to acquire a building for our shelter.  

"Cheryl, a CPA, joined us in 1
999 when she adopted a bunny," said Chapter Manager Joy Gioia. "We were a tiny organization then and excited to open our first checking account with $300."

As we grew, Cheryl's accounting tasks grew in number and complexity, and her volunteer job with us became a demanding second job.  Yet, Cheryl made time to start an endowment fund for us and help grow our financial assets.

"When we needed a loan to buy the building in 2013, Cheryl's impeccable records paved the way," Joy said. "U.S. Bank could see that we were not a fly-by-night operation. We got the loan.

"When we needed a property-tax exemption for our building, land and assets, Cheryl's impeccable records again paved the way. St. Louis County granted the exemption," Joy said.

"Cheryl has been more than our treasurer; she is our treasure."

Paw Notes

The Bunny House will be closed Easter Sunday, March 27.

Adoptions: We placed 192 bunnies with adopters last year. That is 29 more adoptions than in 2014.

Bunny Care Booklet: Ask Pat Daly to email you our simple-to-read, 14-page booklet that tells you what you need to know about basic care for your bunny, including our recommendations for food and how much to feed, treats, litter, housing, emergency contacts, and more. Contact Pat:

No more toilet paper rolls:
We are no longer accepting toilet paper rolls as toys because the bunnies toss them in their water bowls - their version of basketball. We still will accept paper towel rolls.

Friday Volunteers Needed At Shelter: Can you help us?  We need volunteers for Friday cleaning, day or evening, and front desk duty from 7pm - 9pm

Saturday Volunteers Needed At Shelter:
We need volunteers for Saturday cleaning and front desk duty between 9am to 4pm (you choose your hours/dates.)

Tuesday Volunteers Needed At Shelter:
Will you help clean litter boxes? We have only two persons now and they need helpers.

Tuesday and Friday Mornings At The Shelter: Can you stop in to make sure the bunnies have water and hay?

If you can help with any of the above,
contact Pat Daly: 

Graphic Artist Needed For A Flyer: Contact Pat Daly:

Sewers Wanted:
Do you know a retired woman who would like to sew cage pads? We will provide the pattern, fabric, thread, even the sewing machine. Contact Pat Daly:

Are You Crafty: Would you enjoy cutting designs in cardboard boxes for bunny tunnels to sell at the Expo?  Here is a photo of a finished tunnel. Judy Jauer has been cutting them, but she could use some help.  Contact Pat Daly:

Thanks to member Beverly Smith for sharing this.

Happenings Author: Pat Daly, volunteer and educator
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